Dressing fashionably doesn’t mean that you need to dress in a suit and tie every day unless it’s called for. It is more a matter of identifying the best possible clothing choices for any given social situation that you’re in. You can look great in a well fitting pair of jeans, matching sneakers and a polo. There are quite a few choices when it comes to casual, casual dressy and formal wear. The key is making choices that are not only appropriate for the occasion, but also wearing the clothes that will look the best on you.

Professional dress

If you’re required to wear a suit and tie for your job, here are a few tips. Buy suits that are well fitting and comfortable to wear. The bottom cuff of the trousers should just reach the top of your shoes, the pants should fit snugly but not tight and the cuff on the sleeves should reach just past your wrists. Avoid jackets that are too loose or too tight in the chest area and keep them well pressed. A matching or contrasting button up shirt with a variety of compatible ties, matching socks and shoes and you’re in the game. There are quite a few casual suit styles available and you don’t have to break the bank to have a nice suit.

Casual dressy

Many businesses are moving towards a more laid back dress code and will allow the use of dockers or more casual slacks. Not all companies require button down shirts, but they are a nice touch. You can look great by taking the time to choose the best fitting clothing in styles that complement your personality and are somewhat stylish. They don’t need to be trendy unless that is your preference.

Learn to embrace the change that you’ll experience in the way people treat you. Whether we like it or not, people judge one another by first impressions and your clothing is usually the first aspect that gets noticed. People tend to be more personable with an individual that is well dressed versus one that is dressed poorly. A nice jacket can turn an ordinary jacket into a more fashionable outfit even if the jacket is casual.

Limit the use of T shirts and sweat pants

Any type of clothing that gives you a sloppy appearance can detract from your attractiveness and eye appeal to others. You don’t want to give the impression that you don’t care about your appearance because if you don’t care about that, people will naturally assume that you don’t really care about much.

Final thoughts on fashion for guys

It doesn’t take a lot to spruce up your wardrobe. Buying a few very nice pieces here and there can help you to build an assortment of choices, particularly when the articles are mix and match with regard to style and colors. Accessories such as stylish shoes, belts and watches can also help to sharpen your look. You don’t have to get fancy to be fashionable, but you’ll find that attention to the details we’ve covered here can make a big difference that can bring great rewards.