I pick my clothes as appropriate to the season, to the area in which I live, and to the temperature that day. You might be thinking that this is a lot of trouble to look good. You might assume as well that I have a big wardrobe. Actually, that isn’t really necessary at all. All you need is to mix and match a few key items four times a year. Then you add a few vacation clothes to cover all your bases and work clothes for those days when you need to protect your being from shop tools like a sander or drill press. I am an amateur do-it-yourselfer so you will find me in my makeshift garage shop next to my work bench. Before using my drill press, I don the right overalls made of denim. They are sturdy and durable and won’t need to be washed too often. I believe in living a practical life.

I need to be able to move easily when using my woodworking tools. I do odd jobs around the house and I might have to climb a ladder. Hence, my pants can’t be too tight. A stretchy cotton tee goes under the overalls as it allows for maximum arm movement. You can get such a garment at any sporting goods store. As for the overalls, there are many types so go on line if you don’t know where to get a good selection.

So, this kinda rounds out my inventory of clothing. I don’t need to go into bathing suits, ski parkas, puffer jackets for winter, or a raincoat all year round. We all have a plethora of such odds and ends. The question for most of us is where to put all this stuff. If you don’t have an attic or basement for coat storage, you are out of luck. Maybe I need to make a closet with my electric saw, sander, and drill press. I can whip it up in a weekend. It must be air tight and contain a sturdy wooden rod. I like to have everything handy and renting a storage locker is not the answer. Imagine a rainy day and you have your best business suit on. It is the kind of wretched day where just an umbrella won’t do. You can’t run to the storage locker and get soaked on the way from the car to the entrance. Having everything at your fingertips, however, takes some organization and advanced planning.

I focused above on work clothes as most people don’t consider the need for them. They find out too late when their casual clothes get ruined. I would like to end on an odd note. I recently bought a tuxedo for a formal wedding. This is something new for me and yet it goes into the closet with off season items. I am slowly but surely running out of space. It is time for a garage sale or charitable donation!