How much attention do you give to your appearance? If you are a woman, I know the answer; but if you are a man, I bet it is “not much.” I am here to change your tune. I believe in dressing well in the appropriate garb for the occasion. I don‘t mean just a different tee or pair of jeans. It comes down to a matter of expense for guys. They would rather spend any available bucks on entertainment, sports events, or food. Maybe on dates, but that has a lower priority. It is time for the male species to get clued in on another side of life. Once you enjoy the comments that will come your way, you will be hooked. Most importantly, women like men who are well dressed almost without exception, but they are fighting a losing battle. Go to any nice restaurant on date night and you will find beautiful women wearing a good deal of makeup and the latest trend. They look fabulous. Their dates are sporting denim, a plain shirt if they are lucky, and flip flops. Horrors!

Men complain that fancy duds make them uncomfortable. This is a poor excuse. Nice clothes are not designed to rein you in. Plus, they are not always prohibitive in cost. With some research and knowledge, you can look like a million for pennies. There are vintage shops, discount stores, and seasonal sales all of the time. You just have to have the motivation. I started to pay attention to clothes when I had to wear the right attire for sports. I had to wear knee and ankle supports and it took a while to find just the right kind, but I finally found them in this magazine article: The point is that I spent time on my selection. Choosing a practical item is as important as a total look. You have to care about dressing the part.

When it comes to soccer ware, there are rules about the accoutrements of the game. You want the knee and ankle devices first and foremost to do their jobs. Depending upon the gear, advanced technology provides varying levels of compression to different areas of the knee, delivering support and comfort where needed the most. Reviews from places like Top Corner Magazine talk about ease of putting on and taking off the brace, its appearance, its degree of flexibility, and of course the overall design. They also mention a kind of weaving technique, a seamless structure, size availability, cost, and durability. Those with chronic pain find the knee sleeve to be essential for soccer practice. This is true for the ankle supports. The material is important as some people are allergic to fabrics like latex. You want a good fitting item made of ultra-breathable fabric. According to the reviews, the best ankle support comes from the proper degree of compression, without the4 heat retention of old-style neoprene products. The testimonials talk about ankle pain relief. Those with weak ankles, tendinitis, arthritis, or even bursitis will be pleased to get the right pair.