The Quality Stuff Lasts

I believe in forking over the bucks for good clothing and accessories. If you buy cheap stuff, you get what you pay for. It won’t last and you will be depleting your financial resources for no good reason. Stay with quality and you won’t be disappointed. This assumes that you believe in looking well-groomed and properly dressed for the occasion. Not many men are into suits and ties these days. I see them out to a fancy dinner in flipflops and jeans, even though their dates are super dressy. It is exasperating because it is so inappropriate.

I am not so adamant about work as you want to go with the office code. You don’t wear your best duds if everyone is in khakis. But you must be clean and neat, whatever you have on. Most guys don’t shave every day and it has become perfectly acceptable. The world is changing so fast. What next? Pajamas at work. You might think I am too fussy, but so what. I wish I could turn back the clock. Meanwhile, the silver buckle on my favorite belt has broken and I am wondering why given the original cost. I never skimp on belts and shoes as they are so visible. I like the leather of this item so I am just going to weld the decorative part. The belt is rather large at three inches and has several pieces. Some became detached over time. The openings through which the belt slides were also close to malfunctioning.

To mend the buckle, I will use a MIG welder. I learned how to use one in shop class in school and now the skill is coming in handy. I own a compact and portable model that is lightweight and user friendly. I knew what I was doing when I bought it. It has four voltage settings and uses wire feed plugs. When you use a welder, you need to consider the thickness of the metal. It comes with self-shielded flux-cored wire, a chipping hammer, contact tips, and a brush. The safety feature makes welding wire electrically cold until what is called the gun trigger is pressed. I know my MIG welders. In fact, I was tops in my class.

It worked perfectly on the broken buckle and resurrected my favorite belt. I like doing things for myself and not having to take them elsewhere or throw them away. I am the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. Given the info provided above, don’t hesitate to try a welder. If you don’t know much about them, then this Facebook page can help you choose one. They have many applications. With a basic set of tools, you can handle most any repair at home or work. I never thought I would find it useful on a belt. The MIG is known for performance if you get a superior model, so don’t shy away from quality. It is as important in a welder as it is in your clothing. If you have an old cowboy bolo tie or carved metal buckle, look at its condition and see if it can be salvaged.