Where does it say in the rules for good grooming that your clothes can reek of smoke? Nowhere. What they do say is that you should be neat and clean, and by that I mean smell nice with no telltale residue that gives your status away as a smoker. These day, smokers aren’t as popular as they once were. If you care about your appearance, you won’t want brown tobacco stained teeth, a wrinkled upper lip, and a stale breath. Sounds awful because it is. We are here today to encourage you to take a good close look at yourself and your attire.

Smoke gets into fabric and lingers there, sometimes permanently. You need to wash and dry clean anything you wear while smoking or you will carry the smell with you everywhere you go. “Here he comes,” is the pervasive thought of those around you. You won’t be popular for long.

If you are reading this blog, you like expensive clothing and to be well dressed. It is frustrating for guys to have clothes that smell bad all the time, giving their secret sin away. It also goes for outerwear that isn’t dry cleaned often enough. The odor is deep down within the garment.

If you smell like an ashtray, you can do something about it. I already mentioned frequent washings and dry cleaning after reading about it on Facebook – yes, I know it can get to be expensive. But smoking in itself is a darned expensive habit. The cost of one little pack is prohibitive. Add it up for a month and you will be shocked. The conclusion that No More Smoke Smell came to is that it is hard to get smoke out of clothing but while you wait to clean them, there are a few things you can do. Wearing cologne helps but it doesn’t always mask odors unless you lay it on thick and that becomes unpleasant. It is better to spray some Febreze or a similar deodorizing product in front of you. Walk through the mist and it will adhere to what you are wearing. If you spray yourself, it might make your clothing look wet. It would be too much saturation in any case.

Throughout your day, go outside and “air out.” Better yet smoke outside as much as you can. If it is breezy, so much the better. It will help prevent the smoke from penetrating your clothing fibers. Indoors, you can stand in front of a portable fan. It won’t dissipate all the odor but it will help reduce its intensity.

People who smoke get used to the smell so if you are in doubt about your own situation, ask a family member or friend. If they are honest, you will now know where you stand. The good news is that you can do something about it. Change often and you will present a clean persona to the world.