Footcare: not just for ladies

There is one part of the body that gets very little attention by men: the feet. I wonder why when they deserve as much attention as anything else. Men will primp and preen over their hair and fuss about how long it should be at their weekly cut. They are picky about haircare products such as shampoo and styling gel. Then there is the matter of the perfect shower: how hot should it be and what kind of soap lathers the best. Now they come with built-in moisturizer. Now it is time to turn one’s attention to the area below the knee.

I am into foot care right now because I have been hearing a lot of complaints about uncomfortable shoes. This is something we associate with women given the fact that their styles are ridiculous. What foot can survive walking on a six-inch heel? What toe can tolerate a pinched point? Men’s shoes should be elegant, stylish, chic, and above all comfortable. You don’t have to give up one for the other. There is no reason to buy shoes that create hot spots on the sole of your foot. It takes time to try on a lot of brands to find a good fit. Men are just too lazy to spend the necessary time. Let me caution you that there are dire consequences if you don’t. You will soon find corns, calluses, and eventually ugly bunions.

Meanwhile, after selecting better and softer shoes, try treating yourself to a foot massage at home. You can get a combination pedicure bath with swirling scented water and attachments that stimulate circulate in the lower limbs. I know that men don’t like flowery scents, but you can find lemon, eucalyptus, and other unisex choices. Add essential oils to the water to get softer skin. You never know who is going to rub against your feet. Ha! Not to get personal, it is important just for yourself alone. Why not maximize your foot spa experience with a few extra touches? It is not an exclusively feminine preoccupation. Men are learning more and more that proper foot care is not only soothing but also therapeutic. Any kind of foot massage will put you in better spirits, make you smell nice, encourage you to relax, and also give your sore feet a real treat. They need rest and a vigorous rubbing to recover from a day in tight shoes. If you do a lot of walking or stand during work, you also will find a massage to be a good panacea.

For your next splurge, or perhaps as a birthday gift to yourself, get a home foot spa and see what a difference it can make. If you are worried about your image, just don’t tell anyone, especially not the guys! But I bet that if you do, and they try it out for themselves, they will sing the same tune as you.