Footcare: not just for ladies

There is one part of the body that gets very little attention by men: the feet. I wonder why when they deserve as much attention as anything else. Men will primp and preen over their hair and fuss about how long it should be at their weekly cut. They are picky about haircare products such as shampoo and styling gel. Then there is the matter of the perfect shower: how hot should it be and what kind of soap lathers the best. Now they come with built-in moisturizer. Now it is time to turn one’s attention to the area below the knee.

I am into foot care right now because I have been hearing a lot of complaints about uncomfortable shoes. This is something we associate with women given the fact that their styles are ridiculous. What foot can survive walking on a six-inch heel? What toe can tolerate a pinched point? Men’s shoes should be elegant, stylish, chic, and above all comfortable. You don’t have to give up one for the other. There is no reason to buy shoes that create hot spots on the sole of your foot. It takes time to try on a lot of brands to find a good fit. Men are just too lazy to spend the necessary time. Let me caution you that there are dire consequences if you don’t. You will soon find corns, calluses, and eventually ugly bunions.

Meanwhile, after selecting better and softer shoes, try treating yourself to a foot massage at home. You can get a combination pedicure bath with swirling scented water and attachments that stimulate circulate in the lower limbs. I know that men don’t like flowery scents, but you can find lemon, eucalyptus, and other unisex choices. Add essential oils to the water to get softer skin. You never know who is going to rub against your feet. Ha! Not to get personal, it is important just for yourself alone. Why not maximize your foot spa experience with a few extra touches? It is not an exclusively feminine preoccupation. Men are learning more and more that proper foot care is not only soothing but also therapeutic. Any kind of foot massage will put you in better spirits, make you smell nice, encourage you to relax, and also give your sore feet a real treat. They need rest and a vigorous rubbing to recover from a day in tight shoes. If you do a lot of walking or stand during work, you also will find a massage to be a good panacea.

For your next splurge, or perhaps as a birthday gift to yourself, get a home foot spa and see what a difference it can make. If you are worried about your image, just don’t tell anyone, especially not the guys! But I bet that if you do, and they try it out for themselves, they will sing the same tune as you.

Guys Doing Stuff: Installing a Ceiling Fan

While clothing is my bag, I am not immune to delving into other subjects. I stick to men’s fashion as a rule, but when counseling others on the importance of good design in your life, I can digress to interior decoration. It is an offshoot of my basic interest in texture, color, pattern, shape, and form. Clothing is a practical and utilitarian expression of the universal artistic principles that apply to any art form. On top of tradition (basic pieces like shirts, pants, tees and jackets), you overlay trends of the time. There might be a color of the season like pastels for spring and brights for summer. Shape effects the cut of a jacket and the narrowness of pants. Think of cuffs, lapels, pocket stitching and the like as adding pattern and texture.

The same principles are true of interior design. Take a simple ceiling fan for example. If it is a modern version, it will be clean-lined and free of decoration so that it will fit into any room theme. Old-world fans look like turn of the century items by contrast. You can get some ideas of these designs here: The blades of the unit act like geometric forms piercing open space. The central light fixture may be a round globe either unadorned or etched glass. The pattern of forms teases the eye, especially as the fan whirls when in operation. It is almost like an abstract mobile sculpture. Texture comes from the wood grain of the blades or the shiny metal surface if the fan is super contemporary. You would choose a finish that matches others in the room. Some people like to combine metal and wood as long as there are enough instances of each to create a “look.”

The wood or metal can be painted a color to match your theme or have only a gloss or matte finish so as to disappear into the ceiling and not enter the décor. It is a matter of taste and what you like. People especially love colors in kids’ rooms and wood and metal combinations in modern kitchens. The fan should never clash with but add to the ambiance. A patio fan might have blades that look like rattan, for example, if you are going for an island look. Like men’s fashion, ceiling fan design is a world unto itself with many choices and even Facebook pages for this stuff. This also goes for installation. I like to install these beauties; it is part of my conception of guy’s work. I understand the options that work in different kinds of spaces.

In a nutshell, you need a brace to mount a ceiling fan if you choose to put it on the side of a beam or joist. You will also need the proper tools to cut into the drywall to insert the brace. Give yourself about an hour. Before you start, have a brace, tape measure, stud finder, pencil and drywall nearby.

Your Clothes Smell Like an Ashtray

Where does it say in the rules for good grooming that your clothes can reek of smoke? Nowhere. What they do say is that you should be neat and clean, and by that I mean smell nice with no telltale residue that gives your status away as a smoker. These day, smokers aren’t as popular as they once were. If you care about your appearance, you won’t want brown tobacco stained teeth, a wrinkled upper lip, and a stale breath. Sounds awful because it is. We are here today to encourage you to take a good close look at yourself and your attire.

Smoke gets into fabric and lingers there, sometimes permanently. You need to wash and dry clean anything you wear while smoking or you will carry the smell with you everywhere you go. “Here he comes,” is the pervasive thought of those around you. You won’t be popular for long.

If you are reading this blog, you like expensive clothing and to be well dressed. It is frustrating for guys to have clothes that smell bad all the time, giving their secret sin away. It also goes for outerwear that isn’t dry cleaned often enough. The odor is deep down within the garment.

If you smell like an ashtray, you can do something about it. I already mentioned frequent washings and dry cleaning after reading about it on Facebook – yes, I know it can get to be expensive. But smoking in itself is a darned expensive habit. The cost of one little pack is prohibitive. Add it up for a month and you will be shocked. The conclusion that No More Smoke Smell came to is that it is hard to get smoke out of clothing but while you wait to clean them, there are a few things you can do. Wearing cologne helps but it doesn’t always mask odors unless you lay it on thick and that becomes unpleasant. It is better to spray some Febreze or a similar deodorizing product in front of you. Walk through the mist and it will adhere to what you are wearing. If you spray yourself, it might make your clothing look wet. It would be too much saturation in any case.

Throughout your day, go outside and “air out.” Better yet smoke outside as much as you can. If it is breezy, so much the better. It will help prevent the smoke from penetrating your clothing fibers. Indoors, you can stand in front of a portable fan. It won’t dissipate all the odor but it will help reduce its intensity.

People who smoke get used to the smell so if you are in doubt about your own situation, ask a family member or friend. If they are honest, you will now know where you stand. The good news is that you can do something about it. Change often and you will present a clean persona to the world.

Unique Hobbies for Men

I spend a lot of time counseling men on dressing for success and creating the right image in their work and social spheres. In the process, I hear a lot about various hobbies which I find interesting since they are not the usual suspects like sports, music, or camping. Many industrious guys like beermaking, cabinetry, wine collecting, or metal detecting for gold and coins. I had to know a bit more about the latter and immediately went on line. Here is what I found.

A metal detector enthusiast enjoys coin shooting. It is not really some pipe dream of striking it rich on gold nuggets, but for fun and amusement. There are clubs that meet regularly to talk about potential hidden riches. It is all about location I am told. You can find coins in certain likely locations like showgrounds, schools and playgrounds, beaches, churches, river beds, old stores, parks, and camp grounds. Most men who indulge pick one or two to explore. If they don’t get lucky, they move on. I have been told that you can find anything from new to relic style coins (such as Roman).

The whole enterprise hinges on the right coin shooting detector, which you can locate at Finding a Fortune.  For example, if you are getting your feet wet in a river or stream, your device must be waterproof.  Then there are the land only detectors that range from $100 to $1,000. Wow! You better be a true aficionado. Plenty of blogs online and Facebook pages will guide you here. They will counsel you about understanding the feedback from your device in terms of different types of coins. Experts bench test it at home with existing coins, real and junk, to learn to evaluate the results. Who wants to dig up bottle caps for example? You then will know how to configure the right settings. Otherwise, you might be sorely disappointed.

The metal detector has a depth indicator. If not, do not buy it. It is now standard on most models. It should give about four levels while you are searching. A cheap one will not go as deep as a better unit. This is common knowledge. What may not be are the types of coins you may unearth in various locations in your area. A given coin will produce a tone which will help you guess what you have found. This is called audio feedback, a feature used with headphones. An experienced coin shooter knows quickly how to evaluate the different tones. But you don’t have to rely exclusively on sound.

You can also tune your metal detector as to its sensitivity. Trial and error works for most until you know. Using the same device helps. If you change it, you will have to start over.  High sensitivity will give you too many readings and a lot of junk. Low settings will make you miss your mark. It must be just right—the perfect zone. And then there is ground balance which is automatic now with metal detectors. Most of the time the auto setting is fine. Real pros know how to adjust it further starting at neutral and moving up or down according to the type of soil that exists in your chosen location. The ground balance gives off a sound signal. It is quiet for negative balance and gets louder as the coil goes into the ground. As you might expect, positive will get louder.

The Quality Stuff Lasts

I believe in forking over the bucks for good clothing and accessories. If you buy cheap stuff, you get what you pay for. It won’t last and you will be depleting your financial resources for no good reason. Stay with quality and you won’t be disappointed. This assumes that you believe in looking well-groomed and properly dressed for the occasion. Not many men are into suits and ties these days. I see them out to a fancy dinner in flipflops and jeans, even though their dates are super dressy. It is exasperating because it is so inappropriate.

I am not so adamant about work as you want to go with the office code. You don’t wear your best duds if everyone is in khakis. But you must be clean and neat, whatever you have on. Most guys don’t shave every day and it has become perfectly acceptable. The world is changing so fast. What next? Pajamas at work. You might think I am too fussy, but so what. I wish I could turn back the clock. Meanwhile, the silver buckle on my favorite belt has broken and I am wondering why given the original cost. I never skimp on belts and shoes as they are so visible. I like the leather of this item so I am just going to weld the decorative part. The belt is rather large at three inches and has several pieces. Some became detached over time. The openings through which the belt slides were also close to malfunctioning.

To mend the buckle, I will use a MIG welder. I learned how to use one in shop class in school and now the skill is coming in handy. I own a compact and portable model that is lightweight and user friendly. I knew what I was doing when I bought it. It has four voltage settings and uses wire feed plugs. When you use a welder, you need to consider the thickness of the metal. It comes with self-shielded flux-cored wire, a chipping hammer, contact tips, and a brush. The safety feature makes welding wire electrically cold until what is called the gun trigger is pressed. I know my MIG welders. In fact, I was tops in my class.

It worked perfectly on the broken buckle and resurrected my favorite belt. I like doing things for myself and not having to take them elsewhere or throw them away. I am the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. Given the info provided above, don’t hesitate to try a welder. If you don’t know much about them, then this Facebook page can help you choose one. They have many applications. With a basic set of tools, you can handle most any repair at home or work. I never thought I would find it useful on a belt. The MIG is known for performance if you get a superior model, so don’t shy away from quality. It is as important in a welder as it is in your clothing. If you have an old cowboy bolo tie or carved metal buckle, look at its condition and see if it can be salvaged.

Always Dress the Part

How much attention do you give to your appearance? If you are a woman, I know the answer; but if you are a man, I bet it is “not much.” I am here to change your tune. I believe in dressing well in the appropriate garb for the occasion. I don‘t mean just a different tee or pair of jeans. It comes down to a matter of expense for guys. They would rather spend any available bucks on entertainment, sports events, or food. Maybe on dates, but that has a lower priority. It is time for the male species to get clued in on another side of life. Once you enjoy the comments that will come your way, you will be hooked. Most importantly, women like men who are well dressed almost without exception, but they are fighting a losing battle. Go to any nice restaurant on date night and you will find beautiful women wearing a good deal of makeup and the latest trend. They look fabulous. Their dates are sporting denim, a plain shirt if they are lucky, and flip flops. Horrors!

Men complain that fancy duds make them uncomfortable. This is a poor excuse. Nice clothes are not designed to rein you in. Plus, they are not always prohibitive in cost. With some research and knowledge, you can look like a million for pennies. There are vintage shops, discount stores, and seasonal sales all of the time. You just have to have the motivation. I started to pay attention to clothes when I had to wear the right attire for sports. I had to wear knee and ankle supports and it took a while to find just the right kind, but I finally found them in this magazine article: The point is that I spent time on my selection. Choosing a practical item is as important as a total look. You have to care about dressing the part.

When it comes to soccer ware, there are rules about the accoutrements of the game. You want the knee and ankle devices first and foremost to do their jobs. Depending upon the gear, advanced technology provides varying levels of compression to different areas of the knee, delivering support and comfort where needed the most. Reviews from places like Top Corner Magazine talk about ease of putting on and taking off the brace, its appearance, its degree of flexibility, and of course the overall design. They also mention a kind of weaving technique, a seamless structure, size availability, cost, and durability. Those with chronic pain find the knee sleeve to be essential for soccer practice. This is true for the ankle supports. The material is important as some people are allergic to fabrics like latex. You want a good fitting item made of ultra-breathable fabric. According to the reviews, the best ankle support comes from the proper degree of compression, without the4 heat retention of old-style neoprene products. The testimonials talk about ankle pain relief. Those with weak ankles, tendinitis, arthritis, or even bursitis will be pleased to get the right pair.

What Casual Friday Really Means for Guys

For some guys, casual Friday means going for comfort and letting down on standards for appearance. While the intention of this day of the week is to go for comfort and being a little more laid back, it doesn’t mean that professionalism goes out the window. There is still a need to look good and put your best foot forward. Believe it or not, you can dress down and still look great. Here’s what to do and what not to do on casual Fridays.

Ban on tasteless t-shirts

Unless you are wearing a company sponsored t shirt it’s generally a good idea to avoid going for your favorite old comfortable T. Go with a stylish top that is casual yet still classy. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it should present you in an attractive light. Avoid grunge as though it is the plague. In fact, avoid anything that looks sloppy, threadbare or is ill fitting. Instead choose a nice shirt that you feel very comfortable in that send the message that you are casually professional.

Pick the best pants

Casual Friday really doesn’t mean wear your sweats to work. If they’re not appropriate any other day of the week, they’re really not on casual friday either. If your company is relaxed you can probably get by with wearing a nice pair of dockers or even stylish jeans. So long as they are within acceptable boundaries, go for great fit, great looks and comfort. If your company is a suit and tie organization, the dockers or nice casual slacks may be your best option.

Don’t let down on shoes and socks

This is a good opportunity to dress down and wear comfortable shoes but they should still be in good repair, clean and suitable for the job you’ll be doing. Resist the urge to wear your well worn sneakers or a pair of flip flops for the simple reason that it can leave the impression that you’re a slob and you don’t care about your appearance. This can lead clients to think you don’t care about the business you’re conducting with them either so pay attention to the shoes that you choose. If you don’t have any suitable shoes that are comfortable it might be time to go out and buy a new pair for the occasion. There are many types of comfortable casual shoes out there and here’s your chance to wear them to work.

This isn’t the time to wear your comfortable old white sports socks. Try to make sure that your socks still match the pants that you are wearing if nothing more, for the sake of maintaining protocol. White socks stand out terribly when worn with dark pants or jeans and to be honest, this combination looks a little tacky.

Just a few simple observances can help you look forward to and enjoy casual Friday. Even if others come looking like they just left the gym, you can raise the bar for yourself and others. You don’t need to overdress or come across as an uptight nerd, but there’s no reason to let down your standards for appearance even when dressing casual. Bear in mind that casual business is a great mindset when it comes to dressing for casual Fridays.

Working Clothes

I pick my clothes as appropriate to the season, to the area in which I live, and to the temperature that day. You might be thinking that this is a lot of trouble to look good. You might assume as well that I have a big wardrobe. Actually, that isn’t really necessary at all. All you need is to mix and match a few key items four times a year. Then you add a few vacation clothes to cover all your bases and work clothes for those days when you need to protect your being from shop tools like a sander or drill press. I am an amateur do-it-yourselfer so you will find me in my makeshift garage shop next to my work bench. Before using my drill press, I don the right overalls made of denim. They are sturdy and durable and won’t need to be washed too often. I believe in living a practical life.

I need to be able to move easily when using my woodworking tools. I do odd jobs around the house and I might have to climb a ladder. Hence, my pants can’t be too tight. A stretchy cotton tee goes under the overalls as it allows for maximum arm movement. You can get such a garment at any sporting goods store. As for the overalls, there are many types so go on line if you don’t know where to get a good selection.

So, this kinda rounds out my inventory of clothing. I don’t need to go into bathing suits, ski parkas, puffer jackets for winter, or a raincoat all year round. We all have a plethora of such odds and ends. The question for most of us is where to put all this stuff. If you don’t have an attic or basement for coat storage, you are out of luck. Maybe I need to make a closet with my electric saw, sander, and drill press. I can whip it up in a weekend. It must be air tight and contain a sturdy wooden rod. I like to have everything handy and renting a storage locker is not the answer. Imagine a rainy day and you have your best business suit on. It is the kind of wretched day where just an umbrella won’t do. You can’t run to the storage locker and get soaked on the way from the car to the entrance. Having everything at your fingertips, however, takes some organization and advanced planning.

I focused above on work clothes as most people don’t consider the need for them. They find out too late when their casual clothes get ruined. I would like to end on an odd note. I recently bought a tuxedo for a formal wedding. This is something new for me and yet it goes into the closet with off season items. I am slowly but surely running out of space. It is time for a garage sale or charitable donation!

Fashion Doesn’t Have to Be Fancy

Dressing fashionably doesn’t mean that you need to dress in a suit and tie every day unless it’s called for. It is more a matter of identifying the best possible clothing choices for any given social situation that you’re in. You can look great in a well fitting pair of jeans, matching sneakers and a polo. There are quite a few choices when it comes to casual, casual dressy and formal wear. The key is making choices that are not only appropriate for the occasion, but also wearing the clothes that will look the best on you.

Professional dress

If you’re required to wear a suit and tie for your job, here are a few tips. Buy suits that are well fitting and comfortable to wear. The bottom cuff of the trousers should just reach the top of your shoes, the pants should fit snugly but not tight and the cuff on the sleeves should reach just past your wrists. Avoid jackets that are too loose or too tight in the chest area and keep them well pressed. A matching or contrasting button up shirt with a variety of compatible ties, matching socks and shoes and you’re in the game. There are quite a few casual suit styles available and you don’t have to break the bank to have a nice suit.

Casual dressy

Many businesses are moving towards a more laid back dress code and will allow the use of dockers or more casual slacks. Not all companies require button down shirts, but they are a nice touch. You can look great by taking the time to choose the best fitting clothing in styles that complement your personality and are somewhat stylish. They don’t need to be trendy unless that is your preference.

Learn to embrace the change that you’ll experience in the way people treat you. Whether we like it or not, people judge one another by first impressions and your clothing is usually the first aspect that gets noticed. People tend to be more personable with an individual that is well dressed versus one that is dressed poorly. A nice jacket can turn an ordinary jacket into a more fashionable outfit even if the jacket is casual.

Limit the use of T shirts and sweat pants

Any type of clothing that gives you a sloppy appearance can detract from your attractiveness and eye appeal to others. You don’t want to give the impression that you don’t care about your appearance because if you don’t care about that, people will naturally assume that you don’t really care about much.

Final thoughts on fashion for guys

It doesn’t take a lot to spruce up your wardrobe. Buying a few very nice pieces here and there can help you to build an assortment of choices, particularly when the articles are mix and match with regard to style and colors. Accessories such as stylish shoes, belts and watches can also help to sharpen your look. You don’t have to get fancy to be fashionable, but you’ll find that attention to the details we’ve covered here can make a big difference that can bring great rewards.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Some guys get caught in the conundrum of being told that they don’t care enough about their appearance. When they make the effort to turn it around, they’re told that they’re trying too hard, so where is the happy medium? This is a common problem and it’s time that somebody addresses it to help the well meaning guys that are trying but don’t quite know how to achieve balance in dressing fashionably. Here are some tips that can help you to find the right look that will let you be yourself and look great in the process.


Trying to be too stylish for the situation can make it look like you’re trying too hard. If you’re going to prom or a black tie party, that’s one thing, but you wouldn’t wear the same attire to a baseball game or for fast food. Match your style of clothing with the type of situation that you’re going to be involved in. It’s just as important not to overdress as it is to avoid underdressing for an occasion.

Bright colors

While it’s okay to wear bright colors now and then, it can make you stand out like a sore thumb. You can wear a Hawaiian shirt and bright colors to a luau or other event where others will be following this trend, but aside from that, keep it tasteful and make sure that the colors that you are wearing complement one another instead of clashing.


A few well chosen accessories can give you an edge when it comes to sophistication and class, but too many can make you look like a walking display rack. A sure sign that you’re trying to hard is over-accessorizing. In general, choosing one accessory that is flashy or catches attention may be acceptable, but going the distance with too much flash such as a neck load of chains, multiple rings, bracelets and a gaudy belt buckle can be way too much. Go sparingly and tastefully on accessories and this will take you a long way towards appearing to be a sharp and confident dresser.

Designer tag dropping

Going for the most expensive designer clothing and pointing it out to others is no better than being a name dropper. You’ll get about the same response for either action. If you want to wear designer clothing, that’s not a problem, just tone it down a little so you don’t appear to be flaunting the fact that you dropped some cash on your outfit and certainly don’t make it a point of conversation.

Now that you know what to avoid, it’s important to know what to do. Do wear clothing that is stylish and complements your personality. Keep it classy and appropriate. You’ll look much better when it doesn’t look like you’re striving for a fashionable look.

Gear for the Gym

Going to the gym doesn’t have to mean dressing down in sloppy sweats and an old wife beater. In contrast, it is the perfect opportunity to look your best for the situation. Going to the gym shows that you care about your health and your physique so your clothing should also reflect this attitude as well. You’ll notice that people will treat you differently as they pass you in the facility. A well dressed guy commands a certain respect from peers and new acquaintances over the guy that looks like he’s getting ready for yard work. The gym is a public place so it’s a good idea to put your best foot forward. Here are some tips that can help you to get started.

Achieve two important goals

The first goal is to find gym gear that is comfortable. Your choices absolutely must be well fitting and made of materials that offer support yet allow you to move without feeling any discomfort whatsoever. It’s possible to look great and feel great at the same time. The second goal is to pick up a few outfits that complement your looks and your personality. You want to come across as tasteful land someone who cares about his appearance. You don’t have to break the bank to accomplish it either. Look for clothing articles that are made of high quality materials so they’ll last a while and those which are somewhat stylish. In addition, choose styles and colors that you truly like as this is a reflection of your personality and preferences as well.

Items that every man should have for the gym

The first item is a well fitting and high quality hoodie. It will serve you well during warm ups and when you leave the gym in brisk weather. If you spend a little extra to get a durable hoodie it will last longer and you won’t have to spend the money on a new one as quickly.

Stylish T- shirts to replace the old ratty versions. This upgrade can change your entire appearance alone. Pick up a few so you’ll have a spare in between washings. Go with the colors that look best on you and make sure that the material is comfortable. Some of the better gym t-shirt options have ventilation options built in.

Versatile shorts

Choose a few pairs of stylish gym shorts that are the best length to accommodate the types of workouts that you’ll be engaging in. You’ll want to be sure that they’re short enough for comfort yet long enough to cover important areas if you plan to do squats or thrusts. Think tasteful when choosing the length. Also, go with colors that match your t-shirts and hoodie.

Workout socks

Not much gets mentioned about socks, but they’re actually an important article for comfort and foot health. Go with lightweight sports socks that can help to wick moisture away from your feet, yet are thick enough to protect from blisters. Choose colors that complement your gym outfits.

Gym shoes

Choose gym shoes that give you the amount of support that you need for the activities you’ll be engaging in. They can help to protect your feet from injury and discomfort. They should be snug fitting but not tight. Getting the right fit can help you avoid blisters or distraction from your workout.


A stylish black fitness tracker can fill two purposes in one. It will look good and it is useful for keeping informed about the progress of your workout. It also makes the statement that you care about your looks and your health which are both attractive qualities in a man.

These are the things that you can do to be stylish at the gym. There is no reason to slack off on your appearance in this very public place. You can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Look Good, Not Uptight

Believe it or not, the clothes that you choose to wear can send a message about who you are as a person, even if it’s inaccurate. While in some instances, you’ll need to look more professional than casual, you can still avoid projecting that “uptight” image. It can be tough to get out of this groove once you’ve landed there, so I have some tips that I’d like to share with you to help you find that perfect balance that tells the world who you are while highlighting your best traits.

Go with your personal style over fashion perceptions

One of the biggest contributors to the uptight look is falling into the fashion mold that makes you blend in with the herd. It’s comparable to a mass produced persona that doesn’t allow for individuality. It’s perfectly acceptable to let a little of yourself shine through so you will be distinguished from the rest of the pack. Go with the style that you embrace and express your individualism tastefully and within acceptable boundaries. You can look great without looking like a carbon copy of the guy five desks down.

Consider what you want to project to others

This can help you to change up your wardrobe quickly. Think about the guys that you see and admire the most, well the ones that don’t look pinched and forced. Do you want to come across as confident yet individual? Is there a fun side you’d like to display? Are you somewhat classy? Your clothing and accessory choices can promote any aspect of your personality that you’d like. A less conservative suit style and color can make you look like a more cheerful guy while not detracting from your professionalism. If you are required to wear a tie, make it a fun pattern and color choice. Consider the use of pattern,color and texture to change up your look. Accessories can also promote a fun or classy side. Add a wristwatch in a style that sends a message.

The style of your clothing can make you come across in a variety of different ways. One of the best ways to discover the best style for you is to look through a few men’s fashion sites to get some ideas of what appeals the most to you and why. If a sports jacket makes you think a guy projects laid back classiness and that’s how you want to be perceived, get something similar.

Be careful with accessories

Accessories can send subtle messages about who you are unless they are overdone. An overabundance can make it appear that you’re trying to hard and it can actually backfire on you so choose just a few understated accessories and call it good. You wouldn’t want to drown from the weight of your jewelry if you fall into the river.

Just a few simple adjustments can make a big difference in how you are perceived. When you recognize your individuality tastefully, you show confidence. When your attire is tasteful, you show class. When you diversify your wardrobe and accessories a bit, you show your fun side, so have fun and avoid the uptight look.